A 5 letter word starting

           with the letter ' J ' 





          It was boring staring out of the window of the bus, so I took my newspaper out of my pocket. It fell open at the crossword page. I had a quick look to make sure somebody was watching and pulled out a pen.


         1 across. – The prime figure in establishing the Christian Religion.  

 5 letters, first  ‘J’ last letter ‘S’.

        I looked at it for a couple of moments and wrote down.


        J – U – D – A – S.


“ Excuse me “ said a voice.

The guy behind me was leaning over my shoulder.

“ That’s the wrong answer”

I turned and looked at him.

“ The correct answer is Jesus.   J – E – S – U – S “

“ What makes you say that “ I asked him.

He looked at me as though I was an insect.

 “ Jesus Christ, the son of God , was crucified. He rose again after 3 days. Hence the word ' Christian’. The Christian religion is based on his teachings, you can read it in the bible “

I nodded.

“ How old was he when he died ? “  I asked

“ About 30 “ said the guy.

“ What if he’d lived ? “ I asked.

The guy simply stared at me.

“ If he hadn’t been crucified, if he’d gone on to live to the ripe old age of 70 and died in his sleep ? “

The guy shrugged.

“ He didn’t, the Romans crucified him. Nailed him to the cross and he came back from the dead “

“ So, if he hadn’t been crucified the story would probably be different ? “

“ Guess so “ said the guy.

“ Why was he crucified ? “ I asked.

“He was betrayed by Judas Iscariot for thirty pieces of silver “

“ So if Judas hadn’t betrayed him he wouldn’t have been crucified, he wouldn’t have risen again and the basis of the religion  could have been totally different  “

“ Guess so “ shrugged the guy.

“ Then that makes Judas the true founder of Christianity as we know it “.

The guy sat back in his chair.

I looked back as I stood up to get off the bus.

The guy had hung himself.

The driver offered me 30 pieces of silver as I got off the bus.

 I declined.




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