He knew he was dead from the moment he woke up..  

He could sense things but his body was just a memory.He was in darkness, he felt nothing but a willingness to move on..But where ?.Shouldn't somebody be there to tell him.He seemed to be able to move but without knowing where it seemed pointless.So he waited for something to happen. 

Nothing did..

How long he waited he had no idea, a second ? a million years ?..It didn't seem to matter. 

"This is your number, don't lose it ! " boomed a loud voice. He looked down to where his hand would have been, he could see the number 67,478. It wasn't written down it just looked back at him circling slowly. It had no colour, no texture but he could see it clearly. 

"3,684" boomed the voice. 

He looked again at his number. How do you smile wihout a mouth, he didn't know but he smiled. This could take some time. 

"67,478" boomed the same voice. 

"Do hurry up " urged the voice.He tried to answer but nothing seemed to come out. 

He was in a room. It was an office, with a desk littered with papers, a few plants he didn't recognise and some pictures which constantly changed. Behind the desk sat a young man wearing a crumpled suit, he was wearing glasses and his hair was beginning to recede. 

"Hello" he said "I'm God"  

God flicked through the papers before him. 

" I see you don't believe in me " 

"Not until now" he responded " errr......sorry" 

"Didn't you read the instruction book" asked God. 

" Instruction book ? "

" I wrote it a long time ago to help people, people have added things and removed things, but the instructions are still there  

"Do you mean the bible ? "

God nodded.  

"I've read it" he continued " but I must have missed the instructions......err....sorry"

"Never mind, do you know why you're here ? " asked God.

"Not really"

Two doors appeared in front of him, clearly marked.

"So heaven and hell are real" he exclaimed. 

"The instructions, you should have read the instructions, you'd have known for sure then "

"Is hell really that bad ? "  

"Oh yes" said God smiling "It's the way she likes to keep things

"She ?..The devils a she ? "  

"I made it quite clear, I'm not sure why it was taken out, but it was there to begin with"

"Can I ask some questions ? " 

"Certainly" answered God " but my time is limited" he looked at a non existent watch for emphasis.

"Why don't you do something about all the bad things on earth ?"  

"I only created it" answered God " it's up to you what you do with your life, it would be pointless if I controlled everything, that's why you have a mind"

"Everybody who believes in you goes to heaven ? "  

"They discover that answer when they get here"

"What about people who kill in your name ?"  

"They didn't understand my book, it was quite specific "

"So now I have a choice ? " he said looking at both doors..  

"You've already made it haven't you ? "

"Yes" he said.  

"Please don't slam the door on your way out"


He moved through the door and closed it behind him....Quietly.










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