Perez sat in his chair laughing, he was leaning back , hiseyes closed, his feet resting on his desk His laughter echoed round the room..

He had only heard the rumour last night, he had latched into it very quickly, he knew it wasn’t

true but what the hell all he would be doing would be passing on a rumour..He played round

with the story , it got funnier each time he wrote it in his head.

Avril Lavigne had had botox treatment..

He laughed again, but it needed something spicy , something to get people thinking.

Damn yes ! That was good. Hadn’t she been sick during her tour for 6 days or so, now that would be interesting just a hint that it was    about the same time as her cancelled shows and her fans

would be up in arms..He wouldn’t accuse her of anything just drop a few subtle hints and let

the fans do the rest.   

He laughed again, what was the name of that fansite that had fooled him ?  Oh yes bandaids.

A sudden thought made him laugh even harder, he had his headline –


                                                Avril Lavigne ? Glandaids ?



“ You shouldn’t do that “

He nearly fell out of his chair.

“ What the hell “ he said, looking accusingly round the room..It was empty.

He cursed , what was this he thought, conscience ? He dismissed it as irrelevant grabbedhis coat and hurried out of the building to get a cab..He had called a meeting to discussnext days blog, this was going to be fun.

“ I wont let you do it you know “

He turned round quickly but the people walking past were takingno notice of him..

A cab pulled up, he slid into the back seat.

“ Where ya going buddy “ asked the driver.

“ Hey, hey , you , you I don’t like your girlfriend “ said Perez

The driver just looked at him..

“ You being funny, smart ass “ he said

“ I could be your girlfriend “ said Perez

“ Out, buddy “

Perez  pulled his diary put of his pocket, wrote down an address quickly and shoved it atthe driver..

The driver just grunted and moved off..

Perez sat there stunned, for the first time in his life he was stuck for words..

After about 20 minutes the cab pulled up..He got out and handed crumpled notes to the driver..

“ You make me so hot, make me want to drop “ he said.

“ **** you “ said the cabby and drove off.

Perez was so preoccupied he just marched through the doors of the tall building and straight to the office, where the group were waiting.

“ Hi Perez “ said a friendly voice..

“ I don’t haveto try “ said Perez

That was followed by general laughter..

“ Good one Perez, so you got a story on that Lavigne chick “

“ Complicated “ said Perez

There was general agreement around the table..

“ Yea , but she always makes for good headlines “ came a voice,” whats the angle“ ?

“ I don’t want to fall to pieces I just want to sit and stare at you “ Perez heard himself saying.

Nervous laughter echoed round the table.

“ Cut the jokes, Perez “ what are we hitting her with this time.

" These  things Ill never say“ said Perez his head in a daze,his mind in turmoil..

“ What the hecks wrong with you man ? Now give us the story if there is one “

“ Forgotten “ said Perez standing up..

He walked out of the building and was never seen again...…





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