Meat on the Table   


There was a state of readiness on the ship as it neared its destination. 

This was to be the last of the hunting forays, the prey had all but disappeared, plundered to the point of extinction. The heady days of abundance were now past, this was a final, barely financially viable, expedition. 

It had been luck that the discovery had ever been made. A ship in need of urgent repairs had stumbled upon the hunting grounds, huge herds had been found, the variety immense, the killing easy.

The initial slaughter had abated, quotas were allocated and a steady but finite supply of fresh meat gradually harvested until the long journey involved and the dwindling supplies had made it uneconomic. 

" Do you think we will find this bounty ever again ?" asked one of the crew members.  

" Almost sure to " answered the captain " .  

" No new hunting grounds have been found since this one, was it just a one off ? "  

" It's just a matter of time " stated the captain with finality " prepare for landing ". 

The hunting was methodical more than exciting, the huge beasts were just plain stupid, they wandered into the traps blindly. The smaller ones proved more difficult and offered at least a degree of sport. Some of the more ferocious put up a fight but it was pointless.                 The process of loading was completed quickly and efficiently, the holds filled with carcasses preserved for the long journey home. 

" Will anybody even know we were here ?" asked an inquiring voice. 

" Sure " answered the captain " There will be a few isolated animals that will die out eventually but their bones will remain. If intelligent life ever evolves here they will find them and start to ask questions. They will know the creatures once existed but will never know why they vanished " 

The dinosaurs had had their time, they were just a commercial enterprise that had now expired.                Millions of years later when the theories led to innumerable discussions and debate nobody arrived at the logical conclusion.

Dinosaurs were simply animals and animals get eaten.... 




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