It was so cold even the icicles had icicles. Amy sat wrapped in warm blankets, between her mom and dad,  sitting on the sofa . 

" Are we all going to die ? " She asked seriously. 

 Her parents looked at her.                                                   " They'll think of something, we'll all be ok "                        " They explained it all to us at school " continued Amy           " About how the Earth started to drift away from the sun and that's why it's getting colder each day,  but nobody knows how to stop it.  Should I ask the robin ?  He's very clever he might know what to do "                                                      

 " Robin " asked her mother " Who's robin ? "                       " No, I meant, the robin " giggled Amy " the robin in the garden, I talk to him a lot "                                                    " Yes dear, you ask the robin " said her mother.                 So Amy did the very next day.   She came running in from the garden very excited, the garden was covered in snow and you could see Amy's footsteps leading to the little bush where

the robin  lived.                                                                                          " He's going to fix it ! " She shouted excitedly " I told you he was clever "                                                                         " That's wonderful dear " said her mother, watching the TV news, a sad expression on her face. The TV didn't always work now because of the frequent electricity cuts. Amy heard them saying something about only three months left, but she took no notice, she trusted the robin. It took five days for the robin to return from his journey, he looked very exhausted, she rushed out to see him.                                                    " Tomorrow ! " she shouted rushing back into the house          

" They're going to fix it tomorrow, you'll see.                        " Who are ? " asked her mother.                                           " The robin and his friends " Amy answered " I don't know when, because birds don't wear watches " she laughed " but the robin said, when it is time "                                          Her mother couldn't bring herself to tell Amy the truth so just smiled a weak smile.  Next day dawned, so cold the air crackled with frost. Amy stood by the window watching nervously. She suddenly shouted " They're here !!!                                           

The room went as black as midnight. Everybody rushed uot into the street. Millions and millions and millions of birds were flying overhead. Every type of bird you could imagine. Her parents just stared at her.                                             " What's happening ? " they asked, staring at the sky in wonder.                                                                              " All the birds " shouted Amy " Every bird in the world is going to help, robin say there are a hundred billion of them, but I don't know what that means. They are all going to sit on branches and flap their wings at exactly the same time, that will take us back to the sun as there are so many of them.

And that's exactly what happened.

So don't forget if you ever see a bird flapping it's wings and not flying, it's because they are practicing in case this story ever comes true.









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