Autobiography of a cliché





I'd like to introduce myself.

I’m a cliché.

My mom is a proverb and my dad….well, my dad is a vowel. We live here on AllPoetry. It’s a good living although my brother and I seem to be fairly unpopular. My brother is a  ‘forced end line rhyme'.  We are often excuded from contests which can be irritating at times. We always read the rules but often we see : 

  “ No tired, old clichés, or forced end line rhymes”                     

I do find this somewhat strange as I’m not old or tired, I’m quite young in fact. It seems we have acquired a bad reputation in certain cicles, but I’m fairly convinced that not everybody really knows who or what we are. I suppose it looks good in the contest rules though.

             My family is very large. I have two elder brothers. Our family went along with the age old tradition that the clever son goes into politics and the…….. well, lets say, the not so clever son goes into the church. My eldest brother is a 'Government Bulletin' and the other brother is ' A Parable '. They are both kept very busy, but my brother  ' The Parable' doesn’t seem to be as busy as he used to be.

            My sister is extremely beautiful and the apple of my fathers eye. She is ' A Sonnet ' . She is very headstrong and is always trying to break the rules. All my father does is mention Shakespeare and she calms down. But she’s only young and full of rebellious thoughts.

            I have relations all over the world. Some of them are held in very high esteem, I have an uncle who is ‘ An Official Communique ‘ he is always very busy.  The most important member of the family lives in Rome. He is ‘ A Papal Edict '. We don’t see him that often but he is very important to a lot of people.

               There is also, as with most families, a black sheep of the family. He is ‘ A Double Entendre ' but we are not supposed to talk about him in public.

               Oh well, I suppose I should go. Somebody is struggling to finish a poem perhaps a cliché would be just the thing. I’ll offer my services, I may be able to help.

              Just a final thought before you dismiss the cliché from your next verse. As my  Grandfather once said to me ‘ clichés are truisms and all truisms are true ‘. So don’t forget me all together, no matter how old or hackneyed you may think I am, I still have an important job to do.







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