I have the utmost respect for animals -

that can eat me.


Not kill me,

there are many that can do that,

tsetse flies for example are scary

not only because they can kill

but because nobody can spell them.


Lets get back to the people munchers :

Crocodiles, Alligators, Sharks, Lions, Tigers et al.


I am a man,

the top of the evolution tree,

but there are things out there

that don't care,

I am a meal

to be consumed

without the need for sauce and extra fries.


Dinosaurs vanished long ago.


Some were so ferocious they would eat themselves,

although I often wonder

where they would start,

if they ate their own heads first they would have nothing left

to eat themselves with.


I'm not a paleontologist

so might have those facts slightly wrong.


But sharks and crocodiles !!!

You fancy a quick swim and - Whoosh; you've gone.



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