Remember the Rainbow 




I love rainbows, don't you ? Whenever I see one I stand for a few moments and stare. Colours in the sky.  They are to do with reflected light, sunshine and rain. OK., you're right, I have absolutely no idea where rainbows come from.

      I did a bit of research, expecting words like, circumhorizontal arc, reflection and refraction. But, as usual I was totally wrong. God mde them. I wasn't suprised, people tell me God made everything, so it's only logical he made rainbows.

God is good.

He had made it as a promise to Noah. It seems God had flooded the world. He didn't like the fact people and angels were sinful and filling the worlds with sinful deeds. So he drowned them, all of them.

God is good.


The only people that survived were, Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. Of course, I forgot, they saved thousands upon thousands of animals as well. Eight people in total. I found this fascinating. I estimated there would be roughly five million people alive at the time.  So God killed 4,999,992 of them, because he didn't like the way things were going. I may be wrong but not all of these people would have been adults. So there would have been children, some of them possibly born on the day the flood started. I'm not sure how old you are supposed to be before you even understand what sin is. 4 ? 5 ? Possibly, but definetely not under 2 years of age. But God killed them anyway.

God is good ?


Because people weren't doing what he wanted he killed them.  I seem to recall people in history who had the same idea. The only description I have never heard of them is 'good '. 

But God put a rainbow in the sky as a pledge he wouldn't do it again. That must have made the people feel much happier, or maybe not, as they were already dead.

I still love rainbows though.

Dont you ?





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