Sleigh Belles    


The guilt had been gnawing away at him for a long time.

Too long. 

It clouded his emotions, it lived with him every day, he had to get rid of it. It was affecting his family and even more importantly his job. The only way to get rid of his guilt was to share it, to tell some one, to take the blame and pay for his crime. It would be hard but he had to do it, nothing else would help.

He walked into the police station full of apprehension.

The consequences of his action would be huge, but the guilt was huger.

The desk sergeant looked up and began to laugh but quickly composed himself.

"Yes sir, can I help you ? "

" I want to confess to a murder "

" Elves or reindeers ? " replied the sergeant starting to laugh again.

What sort of buffoon was this policeman, didn't he realise the gravity of the situation ?

"Sorry sir " said the sergeant trying to be more professional.  " Can I start with your name " 

This man was surely in the wrong job, why was he in a job he was incapable of doing ?

" You seriously don't know who I am ? " he asked disbelievingly.

" No sir, could you give me your name please "


" Who do you think I am ? " he asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

" Your somebody dressed as Father Christmas " said the sergeant as though he was talking to a 3 year old.

" I AM FATHER CHRISTMAS !! " he said with as much force as he could muster.

" I'm sure you are sir " said the segeant, the corners of his mouth twitching with amusement " and you want to confess to a murder ? "

" No " said Father Christmas.

The sergeant rolled his eyes.

" 5 murders " he continued.

The sergeant simply stared at him.

" And when did you commit these murders ? " he asked "....Christmas Eve ? " he added as an afterthought.

" 1888 "

The sergeant sighed heavily beginning to lose his temper

" So you;re Father Christmas and you killed 5 people in 1888 ? What the hell am I supposed to say to that ? Please sir, if you don't mind I ......"

"What is wrong with you, you fool " shouted Father Christmas " I killed 5 women in 1888, I'm here to confess and you haven't even got the sense to listen "

The sergeant stared at him for some time.

" Wait here..............Santa " he said and walked towards a closed door behind him. He returned after a few minutes followed by an elderly man dressed in a dark suit

" This detective will listen to your confession....sir. Please follow him "

Father Christmas followed the man, a look of relief flooding across his face.


The newspaper headlines  the next day shocked the world , they read ::


Jack the Ripper case solved ! Father Christmas arrested !  





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