What Will I Become ?





He was warm

he was full

and he hadn't been born yet.


His world was impentrable darkness and silence.

He sensed a presence beside him 

" Where are we ? " asked a scared voice

" Waiting to be born " he answered

" When will that be ? "

" It depends on what we are "

" Oh I see, don't you know what we are ? "

" No " he answered.  

" We could be birds, when we are born we will learn to fly and spend our lives in the sky. We could be fish and spend our loves swimming the oceans.                                            We might even be insects, but I hope not "       " Why ? "                                            " 
Everything tries to eat them and they dont live long "                                                 " That's horrible ! "                                " No, that's just the way of life "

" Or we could be people, they are the cleverest. I hope we are people.

He suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to leave.  " It's time " he said.

The brightness hurt his eyes and he felt cold.  Slowly he opened his eyes and saw his brother.

" What are we ? " his brother asked

" I don't know " he answered

" I've never been born before ".


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